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Sponsoring:† make a begin:† pay a small amount, f.i. 100 Euro !

Fortis Bank nr. 81 22 19 19 8 in NL. Clean Energy Project Energybird (CEPE)


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Pay your 100 Euro

for clean energy now!


A month has 30 days. A year contains 365 days. The brutto day income of an average citizen is about 100 Euro. Many people can miss once in a year one day income. 100 Euro is not so much for them.


Each innovation needs financing. Financing can consist of

sponsor money,

of investor money,

of rented money, rented from bankhouses,

and of earned money, earned by the inventor himself.


Normally an inventor has already invested all of his private money, which he can miss, in his invention. Otherwise he would not ask members of the society for support. Because during a longer period he has already invested a lot of his spared money and income in the invention, the invention is elaborated and has become that, what it is now: a promise for an improvement of the infrastructure of the country. Now it is time to present the promising invention to members of the society and ask for support.


Sponsors can attribute† 100 Euro. If a bit richer also 1000 Euro.

What are the expectations of sponsors? They expect indirect profit in the long run by improvement of the infrastructure of the country. If they are interested in special niches and the infrastructure there, they will tend to support an invention in this special field. Here itís all about clean energy, a rather big niche in society and economy. So in the long run nearly everybody can expect profit for himself

Companies as sponsors normally want one direct profit additionally: they want to be named as sponsors: they want promotion of their business.


Investors expect pay back of the invested money plus parts of the profit derived from the invention.


Bankhouses outlook pay back of the given money plus interests.


Here we have it over sponsoring:† please think about sponsoring our promising clean energy project with 100 Euro, 1000 Euro or something between! Study the website over the new flying windmills, ultralight, flying over the sea, reaching the big wind source between 500m and 3000 m. Please study also† morewithless,† the amazing story of the invention. And then make your decision.


The bank account for sponsors is

81 22 19 19 8, Fortis NL.††

CEPE Clean Energy Project Energybird

of TOPtech Energy, Delft, NL

company of the inventor Gunther Niessen














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